Service & Maintenance

Diesel engines don't run on neglect!  The best way to stave off costly breakdowns and protect your investment is with regular engine servicing.  Get your annual engine services completed, and take advantage of having professional eyes on your engine to identify any impending trouble.


Your diesel ain't running right.  You've scoured the forums, asked all your neighbors in the marina, but it's no use.  Time to call the professionals!  Whether you're looking for a complete path from problem to solution, or just need a little advice to help you complete your repairs, we can help.

Inspection Services

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the old adage goes.  Whether you're a proactive boat owner looking to identify upcoming issues, or a prospective boat buyer looking to avoid a lemon, our experience can help you avoid problems and get the most boat for your dollar.

Heat Exchanger Services

Salt water takes a toll on marine diesel engines, building scale in heat exchanger tubes and saltwater passages that restricts flow and impedes heat transfer.  Whether you need your heat exchangers pulled and serviced in-shop, or are interested in periodic engine flushing, we can help.  KMS, LLC has the capabilities to flush entire engine seawater systems, and chemically clean, pressure test, and repair heat exchangers to keep your engine cool.

Injector Service 

Worn injectors are a leading cause of exhaust smoke and cylinder wear and failure.  We routinely carry test equipment into the field to test injectors on-site.  Periodically testing injectors will help keep you running smoothly, efficiently, and keep tailpipe emissions down.


What you need “under the hood” is totally dependent on what you plan to do with your vessel. We aim to provide the most reliable solutions to meet the demands you place on your vessel.

Operational Advice & Diesel Education 

You've got questions.  We've got answers!  We are happy to serve as a resource for vessel owners in Washington & Alaska, helping you get the most out of your diesel engine.  Call us any time for advice and guidance.  Put your marine diesel worries to bed with an expert opinion.


KMS strives to support the sailing community in Puget Sound.  Got a crazy blue-water ambition?  If you're young, trying to circumnavigate the globe or race locally, we can help.  Visit our sponsorship page for more information.

And More...

Our goal is to help vessel owners find the most efficient path from problem to solution.  If you are in need of services beyond diesel engine care, just ask.  We are constantly expanding our network of contacts and marine service providers.  If we can't help you, we will help you find the person who can.